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VOSD campaigns

Jayamma Mane – Home for Destitute

VOSD for People is building a home for the destitute people of rural Bangalore, called Jayamma Mane, or Jayamma’s Home.

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Thousands of dogs serve our country as part of the Indian Army, the Police, the Railway Police Force, CISF, etc. About 1200 serve in just the Army. At VOSD, we call them #PatriotDogs. With VOSD’s deep experience of over 200,000+ treatments, 7,000+ rescues, and 750+ permanent dogs, and world-class medical and technological support, we have been keeping #PatriotDogs discharged by the Karnataka, Kerala, and Railway Police Forces among others. 

Husna & Friends: 5 VOSD dogs without snouts

Husna came to the VOSD Dog Sanctuary as a puppy four years ago after a hit-and-run accident smashed her upper jaw. Haider came from Raipur, thin as a stick, with the same problem. Tipu Sultan lived on the street before he came to us minus his upper jaw. Yadav came to us, unhappy and undernourished, missing half his upper jaw. Michael came to us as a two-month-old with most of his lower jaw missing from an accident. He’s two years’ old now. These are just five of the 750 rescued dogs who live permanently at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary in Bangalore. India.

German Shepherds of VOSD

German Shepherds. Alsatians. GSDs. Whichever name you call them, they’re still abandoned. 

Because they’re ill. Tara and Lakshmi had advanced renal failure, but extensive treatment and careful diet management extended their lives.

Or too old. Big Man is just one of several such dogs found on the streets.