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VOSD Rescue & Rehab is the world’s largest no-kill rescue and rehab system that operates in Bangalore (India). In the past four years, VOSD has rescued 7,000+ dogs, carried out 250,000+ sophisticated medical treatments. VOSD Dog Sanctuary is home to 750+ dogs, 200+ of these have come from Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai and several other cities in India.

VOSD has 3 unique principles:

  1. A no-refusal policy: We will not refuse a dog care for reasons of lack of resources or deny it any treatment if the dog fulfils the conditions given in our Standard Operating Procedure. Requests are taken electronically on the VOSD Help Desk. We’re the only agency we know, who would maintain long-term heart, liver and renal patients for life. Dogs get carts, MRI/X-rays/blood diagnostics, 3 supporting vet teams and best surgeons and best-equipped hospitals in Bangalore, perhaps, in the country. We provide treatment for at a level that dogs in homes may not get. And we make this available at an unprecedented scale.
  2. Transparency: We ensure that details about our facilities and use of funds are available. We do not take any contributions in cash and use publicly available crowdfunding platforms that ensure public knowledge. Patrons are always acknowledged publically on our social pages.
  3. We leverage technology to do more: VOSD has many firsts including (a) World’s 1st and a very sophisticated CRM system for dog rescue – that we’ve developed called the VoSD CRM v3.0 that maps each rescue, rehabilitation and release process (2) World’s largest website with referenceable material including investigations, legal analysis, data analysis and reports on stray dogs ( (3) World’s 1st first dog rescue app on Google Store (4) India’s 1st full scale canine blood bank (5) India’s 1st affiliate program that provides all VoSD’s automation and processes to any rescue organization across India for free.

Visit the VOSD Dog Sanctuary in these videos