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Expert Vet Advice

India’s most extensive vet experience is available to you for free:

    1. You should be able find what you are looking for, in our exhaustive Dog Owners Medical FAQ – it has detailed and easy to follow information on many issues pertaining to the dog in your care.
    2. Feel ask us any question you may have about your dogs’ health by reaching us through or the form below. All queries are resolved expertly and in a time bound manner tracked by software for response and accuracy. Only what is not available in the Dog Owners Medical FAQ is answered individually so please check this before asking. 

VOSD’s level of expertise in caring for dogs:

VOSD  has delivered over 225,000 treatments ranging from critical trauma care, treatment and post op for cancers, skin ailments, long-term maintenance of renal & liver failure. We dont’ just treat the dogs, we keep the dogs that need lifetime support and treat them every day.  Treatments are given by state of the art infrastructure in Bangalore and our facilities at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary by the best vets.

Watch this video (with stats from 2014) to have an idea of the level of care we provide

We have a very nuanced understanding of medical issues related to dogs and all our experience and advice is available to your pet or rescued dog for free no matter where you are. You can reach us for commonplace questions or for a second opinion on lifetime maintenance of your dog.