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Nominations for the “VOSD National awards for the Best Dog Care in India”

“VOSD National awards for the Best Dog Care in India”The VOSD Awards are a part of the “The Voice of 800 Dogs Festival’. The VOSD Awards are where users of dog related services throughout India nominate others or themselves for awards and then the users of their services vote for them. The awards work in 2 stages: Nominations & Voting.


– One can nominate oneself or another service provider in any category you think appropriate.
– Contact details of the nominee will be used to verify your nomination – such as the correct name of business/ person.
– You can nominate in 1 or more categories as you think fit.
– Nominations open on 20 June 2018 and will be open till 19 July 2018.


– All nominations > 50 nominating votes will appear on shortlist for voting on 20 July 2018


– Voting will be open on 20 July 2018 on an app on
– The app will allow voters to review, upvote, downvote, share etc. And the app will score for this by itself.
– The app will then generate the final tally on 19 Aug 2018.
– The winners and the finalists will be declared on all VOSD social and web pages, as well as a press release.
– Each awardee will be provided a certificate and a plaque on their win



  • India’s Best Veterinary Hospital
  • India’s Best Hospital for Rescued dogs
  • India’s Best Vet
  • India’s Best Vet for Rescued dogs


  • India’s Best Dog/Pet photographer
  • India’s Best Groomer Individual or Business
  • India’s Best Trainer or Behaviorist
  • India’s Most Dog-Friendly Hotel or Homestay
  • India’s Most Dog-Friendly Company, Office or Workspace
  • India’s Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant or Cafe
  • India’s Best Kennel or Boarding


  • India’s Most Dog-friendly Policeman or Police Station
  • India’s Most Dog-friendly Lawyer or Law Firm


  • India’s Best Dog Rescue Agency
  • India’s Best NGO or Dog Rescue Team
  • India’s Best Individual Dog Rescuer


  • India’s Best Dog Food – Regular (Kibble/ dehydrated food)
  • India’s Best Food Service (supplier of home prepared food)


  • India’s Patriot Dog
  • India’s Hero Dog
  • India’s Most Amazing Rescued Dog


– All nominations are exclusively through the form below.
– VOSD will not manipulate any statistical data to arrive at the award, however, the decision of VOSD is final.
– VOSD’s dogs, personnel, products, services, associates are not eligible for the awards.
– If you wish to see a category added write to us at

Please NOMINATE FOR THE “VOSD National awards for the Best Dog Care in India” HERE