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VOSD for People started as a the miTWB project funded managed and sponsored by TWB to teach children in underprivileged schools about the great opportunities in education provided by the Internet. The project with its unique model of a a broadband bus that travels to schools and slums allowed us to reach teach 1350 children for a full term in it’s first year. The service has been available in 7 government schools in Bangalore.

However with larger focus on the other entity supported by TWB – VOSD – and the need to support the communities as a whole rather than only education makes us look at bringing the VOSD model of making a high impact through information + education + infrastructure + direct action to the children and the communicties they live in.

This will also allow us to leverage on VOSD’s capacity to rope in people for the cause and rally funds to make even greater impact in the lives of those where we started because our dogs came from there.

Thanks for supporting us.