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The VOSD Dog Care brand

VOSD Dog Care is the brand that is a combination of VOSD which means 100% proceeds of all income in perpetuity is for the VOSD Dog Sanctuary and Rescue, Dog which can mean a pet dog that you own or a stray dog that has no owner both are equally benefitted by VOSD’s expertise & Care which is the combination of (1) dog care products (2) rescue and rehab at the VOSD Sanctuary and (3) remote vet assistance that is available for any pet or stray dog.

The  VOSD Dog Care system

VOSD Dog Care (The Voice of Stray Dogs) is a unique 3 tier system created to take care of dogs, all dogs.

  1. VOSD Rescue: VOSD Rescue & Rehab is the world’s largest no-kill rescue and rehab system that operates in Bangalore (India). In the past four years, VOSD has rescued over 7,000 dogs, carried out over 250,000 sophisticated medical treatments to rescued dogs. This includes the VOSD Dog Sanctuary which is a permanent refuge for dogs, rescued not only by VOSD but by rescuers across India. VOSD Dog Sanctuary has is home to no less than 750 dogs. 200+ of these have come from Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai and several other places. 
  2. VOSD for Dog owners: VOSD Legal support is available to you through the world’s largest website and repository of legal, data analysis and investigative information on stray dogs as www.strays.inRemote healthcare for your dogs: If you need veterinary advice, ranging from first aid to secondary opinion on grave illnesses, it is available no matter where you are. This comes to you from our team of veterinary experts and based on our tremendous medical experience of over 225,000 treatments. Ask a medical question on the VOSD Help Desk right now.  VOSD Dog Care which is our own brand of dog care products that are crafted from the most carefully chosen constituents. They are more effective than any other brand, the safest for long-term use. After all, our own dogs are the most loved and cared for dogs in the world, just like yours.
  3. VOSD Entertainment: VOSD has created a few unique properties to fund VOSD Rescue and VOSD Sanctuary. 100% proceeds of these go towards VOSD dog rescues and care. (a) Barking Mad – which in one of India’s leading stand-up comedy productions with India’s leading acts that support VOSD (b) Howling Mad – which is a series of live Indian Rock performance in support of VOSD (c) Furball which a series of premium outdoor day-long events that bring dogs, their owners and best of brands together (d)  Monster Bake – which brings together volunteer organizers, donor patisseries & bakers and sales volunteers to generate funds and awareness for VOSD.

VOSD as a legal entity

  • The VOSD Trust: All rescue and rehabilitation is carried out by the registered non-profit ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. VOSD est. Jan 2013, is a privately run, not for profit (Registered No. 4-400419-2012-13) under Section 4 of Indian Trust Act 1982. VoSD is an Income tax assessee with PAN AACTT0324Q. Tax deductions on contributions to VoSD: VoSD has an 80G (under Indian law) registration under section 80G(2)(a)(iv) bearing Registration No DIT(E)BLR/ 12A/H329/ AACTT0324Q/ ITO(E)2/ VOL2013-2014.
  • VOSD Pet and Vet Services: 80G trusts are prohibited by law from carrying out any revenue activity that includes any service or product sales that generate an income. Ticketing and other revenue activity is carried out by VOSD Pet and Vet Services which provides 100% proceeds towards VOSD Dog Rescue and Rehab.


Many eminent celebrities support VOSD including Prasad Bidapa (fashion guru), Ashwini Ponnappa (badminton ace), Ricky Kej (Grammy-winning musician), Bengaluru FC (India’s leading football club), Sunil Chhetri (Indian football captain), Virat Kohli (Indian cricket captain), Chris Gayle (cricketer), Rahul Dravid (cricketer), Venkatesh Prasad (cricketer),  Nana Patekar (Hindi film star), Boman Irani (Hindi film star),  Soha Ali Khan (Hindi film star),  Sanjjanaa Galrani (Kannada film star), Kitu Gidwani (TV personality), Divya Seth Shah (TV personality).

By donating to VOSD , purchasing a VOSD Dog Care product or buying tickets to our sold out shows you help our dogs just the same. And 750+ dogs are grateful for it.